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Charcoal Canister

Charcoal_Canisters_1.JPG (58880 bytes)This is the simplest device for measuring radon concentration. Accuracy is fair (+/- 20%) and is greatly affected by humidity and air movement. The accuracy of the charcoal canister decreases the longer the test evaluation is delayed.

Charcoal canisters must be processed by a lab resulting in a delay of a day or more for results.

Avalon Inspection does not use charcoal canisters.

Electret Ion Chamber (E-PERM)

e-perms.jpg (23318 bytes)These devices are much more sophisticated than charcoal canisters and their accuracy is excellent. E-PERMs are not affected by humidity or air currents and do not lose any data over time.

Avalon Inspection uses E-PERMs and provides you with same-day results.

Continuous Radon Monitor

Radon-Scout_320x240.jpg (48536 bytes)These devices provide an average radon concentration as well as hourly readings over the course of the test. Results are typically available the same day. Continuous radon monitors generally have excellent accuracy but be aware that some brands of continuous monitors have less accuracy than others.

Avalon Inspection will use the highly accurate Radon Scout continuous radon monitor when it becomes available in the US (anticipated Spring 2005).


E-RPISU1.jpg (11348 bytes)The E-RPISU is a sophisticated Working Level monitor, which means it measures the radon decay product levels so you will know the actual threat from radon rather than the potential threat. Some houses may have a slightly elevated radon level but actually be below the EPA threshold for Working Level. Measuring the Working Level may mean the difference between needing to mitigate or not.

Avalon Inspection uses an E-RPISU and provides you with same-day results.


Alpha-Track Detector

Alpha Track Recorder.JPG (61309 bytes)Alpha-track detectors are small, unobtrusive devices that are typically used for long-term radon measurements. Their accuracy is excellent. These devices require processing at a lab so results will be available a few days after the test ends.

Contact Avalon Inspection for your long-term test today.

DosiRad w/ E-PERM

This long-term device provides a simultaneous measurement of the average Working Level and radon concentration.

DosiRad w/ Alpha Track Device

This long-term device provides a simultaneous measurement of the average Working Level and radon concentration.

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